The Wolf Pond Seven are the seven students who escaped from Wolf Pond Boarding School for Bad Kids in 2015. These were Ben Havel, Sean Donlon, Elijah Pimm, Matthew Knox, Aaron Bosch, Kaleb Robinson and Reynold "R.B" Banks

Amarni Alisi and Tyriq Gildea also attempted escape, but were caught.

  • First to be captured is Kaleb Robinson, after Reynold Banks beats him down in the woods., allowing the cops to catch up to him. 1/7
  • Ben Havel, Sean Donlon and Matthew Knox are the next trio to be captured after they try running past a police station. They're caught and put inside the police car.
    • However, the trio escape thanks to being rescued by Reynold Banks when he smashes an armoured truck into the police car on the motorway. Reynold takes them into his own custody.
      • The driver of the car that transferred the trio calls in backup. They trace the armoured truck and eventually arrest Havel, Donlon, Knox and Banks. 5/7
  • Aaron Bosch and Elijah Pimm, the last two WP7, remain in hiding with Aaron's cousin Carl Bosch.
  • The 5/7 captured are imprisoned in White Garden Juvenile Prison along with Tyriq Gildea and Amarni Alisi.