Season 1 of School Break consists of 10 episodes.

The season premiered on June 18th, 2017. The season ended on July 31st, 2017.

Plot overview Edit

Cornfield High School Year 10 student Ben Havel becomes frustrated with one of his teachers, and begins to shout at her and proceeds to smash her laptop. The female teacher reports Havel to the principal, who decides Ben is a liability and expels him to Wolf Pond Boarding School for Bad Kids. Wolf Pond is a boarding school and serves as a prison for bad kids to be educated in without leaving until finishing their GCSE's. Havel meets up with Sean Donlon, Amarni Alisi, Matthew Knox, Aaron Bosch, Tyriq Gildea and Elijah Pimm in Wolf Pond and befriends them. They get to work planning an escape, which Kaleb Robinson, a roommate and Reynold "R.B" Banks, a strong student force their way into. Staff member Mr. Chelham gets wind of the escape but aids them. Eventually, the nine students execute the escape one night. When the escape is finally executed, and aided by hacker Stacy and Chelham, only seven of the nine students successfully escape, these being: Ben Havel, Sean Donlon, Matthew Knox, Aaron Bosch, Elijah Pimm, Kaleb Robinson and Reynold Banks. Amarni Alisi and Tyriq Gildea are caught and taken back into Wolf Pond for questioning.

Episodes Edit

  • 1. June 18th 2017
  • 2. June 21st 2017
  • 3. June 26th 2017
  • 4. July 3rd 2017
  • 5. July 10th 2017
  • 6. July 17th 2017
  • 7. July 22nd 2017
  • 8. July 29th 2017
  • 9. July 30th 2017
  • 10. July 31st 2017


  • Ben Havel
  • Ben Havel's female teacher (heard only)
  • Cornfield High School Principal (heard only)
  • Sean Donlon
  • Matthew Knox
  • Amarni Alisi
  • Aaron Bosch
  • Elijah Pimm
  • Tyriq Gildea
  • Kaleb Robinson
  • Reynold Banks
  • Wayne Chelham
  • Tyriq Gildea's Cornfield High School Teacher (flashback)
  • Jack Parks (flashback)
  • Stacy
  • Terry
  • Wolf Pond Principal (not seen or heard, spoke to by Terry)
  • Wolf Pond security (heard only shouting Freeze)


  • In Episode 4, Ben Havel beats Reynold Banks in a fight and says "Can't believe I fucking did it!", a reference to the series Robert's Escape