School Break: The Finale is the fourth episode of Season 3, and the ending of the series. As of March 2018, the finale hasn't happened, as there is currently no point to putting in the effort to it.

Plot OverviewEdit

Two weeks later, Group A and B are ready to execute their escape plans.



  • Ben Havel
  • Sean Donlon
  • Matthew Knox
  • Amarni Alisi
  • Aaron Bosch
  • Elijah Pimm
  • Tyriq Gildea
  • Kaleb Robinson
  • Reynold Banks
  • Wayne Chelham 
  • Lionstooth agents
  • Carl Bosch
  • John Steel
  • Blue
  • Drago Vasquez
  • Javier Vasquez
  • Al-baylim authority
  • Robert H 
  • Green
  • Red