John Steel
Gender Male
Incarcerated in None
Status Deceased
More info
Year Group None
Birth Unknown
Death 2015
Cause of death Shot by Wayne Chelham
Affiliations Lionstooth Criminal Enterprise

John Steel is a leader in the Lionstooth Criminal Enterprise and is known to have worked with Wayne Chelham and Reynold Banks.

Prior to School BreakEdit

Before the events of School Break, Steel had employed Reynold Banks after becoming aware of his background. Other actions with the Lionstooth Criminal Enterprise aren't clear, but it can be assumed that they have performed various crimes throughout the country.

Events of School BreakEdit

Sometime in 2015, another leader in the Lionstooth Tribe called Drago Vasquez, in charge of the Iranian division, informs Steel his son Javier Vasquez has become incarcerated in a juvy prison called Al-Baylim Prison. Due to being at war with the Baylim authroity, they cannot break him out themselves due to the immense security precautions and response times. Drago requests Steel to locate some juveniles capable of freeing him.

Meanwhile, sometime after Ben Havel is sent to Wolf Pond Boarding School for Bad Kids and begins planning an escape with his new found friends, secret Lionstooth staff member Wayne Chelham informs Steel of the escape, which Steel then commands he assist them to see if they have the potential. Eventually seven students, including Reynold Banks, break free from Wolf Pond while another two are captured. With Lionstooth operatives being busy, Chelham informs Banks to round up the escapees and take them to Steel. When Reynold captures three escapees, Ben, Sean and Matthew, he takes them to Steel, but they escape by shooting Reynold in the abdomen and taking off in a police truck previously stolen. The police capture Ben, Sean, Matthew, the injured Reynold and then incarcerate them in White Garden Juvenile Detention Centre along with the previously captured students, Tyriq, Amarni and Kaleb. Aaron Bosch and Elijah Pimm, the only two escapees left on the run, go into hiding with Aaron's older brother Carl Bosch.

With the escapees now incarcerated again being a problem, Steel orders a full out raid on the prison while the students orchestrate their own break from the inside. The students escape plan gets them to the roof, along with fellow inmate Blue, where Lionstooth then enter the scene in a helicopter and attempt to free them, only for them to use the current situation to their advantage and escape the prison unharmed.

Lionstooth eventually capture them along with Carl and Aaron Bosch and Elijah Pimm, and take them all to Iran where they are split into two groups, one goes to Al-Baylim to break Javier and the other is kept at the Lionstooh underground facility as leverage. Drago pays Steel a hefty sum of cash as a reward which he intends to split with Chelham and Banks. Chelham then murders Steel in the facility to acquire all the funds for himself and take control over the Enterprise.