The following is cut content from School Break

Cut ContentEdit

  • The characters were originally going to have nicknames.
  • Matthew Knox was originally Devesh but replaced him.
  • Alot of minor parts of the script were cut.
  • Chelham helped them not for Lionstooth but for unknown reasons.
  • They would frame a teacher for assault as part of the Wolf Pond breakout.
  • Wolf Pond's principal was set to appear.
  • Ben had to apologise to Reynold to get out of isolation instead of Chelham just releasing him.
  • In Episode 15 Ben, Sean and Matthew would meet Dom Davies, who would be killed by police instead of crashing a police van.
  • There would originally be only two seasons.
  • Blue wasn't going to included in Season 2.5.
  • Ben Havel was to have brain cancer in Season 2.5.
  • There was originally going to be no White Garden escape, instead they would've been exonerated.
  • Season 2.5 would've ended with the exoneration of the cast members, and John Steel convicted. Then as they exit White Garden free of charge, Steel would kill Ben Havel as revenge before being arrested, with the series ending with Havel's funeral.
  • John Steel was originally a corrupt cop, not part of a criminal enterprise.
  • The whole Javier Vasquez sub plot didn't exist.