Ben Havel
Gender Male
School/Other Wolf Pond Boarding School for Bad Kids
Status Deceased
More info
Year Group 10
Birth 2001
Death 2015 (Age 14)
Cause of death Shot in the stomach by John Steel
Affiliations Wolf Pond 7
Tyriq Gildea
Amarni Alisi
Ben Havel is the main character in School Break. He is sent to Wolf Pond Boarding School for Bad Kids after he destroys a teachers laptop in Cornfield High School.

He meets up with Sean Donlon, Amarni Alisi, Matthew Knox, Aaron Bosch, Tyriq Gildea and Elijah Pimm in Wolf Pond and befriends them. They get to work planning an escape, which Kaleb Robinson, a roommate and Reynold "R.B" Banks, a strong student force their way into. Staff member Mr. Chelham gets wind of the escape but aids them in return of some favours and promises to keep them safe on the outside.

When the escape is finally executed, and aided by hacker Devesh and Chelham, only seven of the nine students successfully escape, these being: Ben Havel, Sean Donlon, Matthew Knox, Aaron Bosch, Elijah Pimm, Kaleb Robinson and Reynold Banks. Amarni Alisi and Tyriq Gildea are caught and taken back for questioning.

Now on the run form the police, the Wolf Pond 7 split into groups. Ben is in a group with Sean, Matthew and Aaron, whom are tasked by Chelham to head 5 miles north toward Lerbyshire where they will meet his contact. Aaron becomes fatigued and is separated from the group, who shortly after is beaten by Reynold, whom calls the police in the area to intentionally have Aaron arrested. Aaron is found by his father Carl Bosch, a cop, and decides to help his son rather than arrest him. Carl hides Aaron and lures the other cops off track.

Ben, Sean and Matthew travel toward Lerbyshire when they come across a police station. The only way to cross it is to leg it, which ends up with the trio caught and arrested, however during the transfer Reynold uses an armoured truck to smash into the police cars and rescue the three, and takes them to a strange building. Reynold turns them in to corrupt police officer John Steel, who made a deal with Reynold after the escape to take down the Wolf Pond 7 and capture atleast three, which would gain Steel a promotion in the police force. Ben however injures both Steel Reynold with a gun, and the trio escape in the Armoured truck and head for Lerbyshire.

The cops pursue the three but lose them, and they arrive at the building where Chelham's contact, Dom Davies is waiting. Chelham calls Dom and has him turn on speaker phone. Chelham announces that the three failed to complete his task back in Wolf Pond, which was to frame another teacher, Mr Forkans for assault. With this failure, he tasks Dom with killing the three, but Dom is shot and killed by the police, who have caught up to the three, and arrest them. Meanwhile Tyriq, Amarni, and Kaleb who was captured, fail to reveal the teacher working with them. Ben, Sean, Matthew, Tyriq, Amarni, Kaleb and Reynold, who was recovered at the building, are sent to White Garden Juvenile Detention Centre. Elijah and Aaron remain as the only two of the Wolf Pond 7 still on the run,  It turns out after Aaron's injury, his father Carl Bosch, working with the police decided to save him and assist his friends. Carl found and took Elijah into hiding with Aaron.

The White Garden 6 force information from Banks, and Carl Bosch, his son and Elijah gather information about Steel on the outside. Eventually they unearth Banks' and Steel's partnership, and Steel's undercover gang: the Liontooth Tribe, a secret gang ran by John Steel, with many members, including Chelham. At White Garden, Ben experiences strange symptoms and is sent to the infirmary where it is discovered he has brain cancer. Ben is sent to court to be trialed for attempted murder, but when Carl presents the evidence of the Lionstooth Tribe and Corius, Lionstooth's black book, Ben, Sean, Matthew, Amarni, Aaron, Tyriq, Elijah and Kaleb are exonerated, but as they exit White Garden's gates, John Steel, knowing the police will be after him soon, rushes over to the students and shoots Havel in the stomach for revenge, killing him.The others are sent back to Cornfield High School where they make ammends with everybody, before going to the cemetery to remember Havel. Banks is sent back to White Garden and is to be sent to a adult facility when he turns 18. Furthermore, the police send Chelham and Steel into prison for fifteen years.

The End.

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