Ben Havel
Gender Male
Incarcerated in Unknown
Status Alive
More info
Year Group 10
Birth 2001
Cause of death
Affiliations Wolf Pond 7
Tyriq Gildea
Amarni Alisi
Ben Havel is the main character in School Break. He is sent to Wolf Pond Boarding School for Bad Kids after he destroys a teachers laptop in Cornfield High School.

He meets up with Sean Donlon, Amarni Alisi, Matthew Knox, Aaron Bosch, Tyriq Gildea and Elijah Pimm in Wolf Pond and befriends them. They get to work planning an escape, which Kaleb Robinson, a roommate and Reynold Banks, a strong student force their way into. Staff member Mr. Chelham gets wind of the escape but aids them in return of some favours and promises to keep them safe on the outside. Secretly, Mr Chelham and Reynold are part of the Lionstooth Tribe, a international clan of criminals. Leader of Lionstooth, John Steel, is willing to pay big money if he can have the escapees, which is why Chelham assists them in the first place. Chelham tasks Reynold with capturing the WP7 on the outside.

Ben Havel is responsible for most of the planning and brainstorming ideas when it comes to escapes. He helped orchestrate the escapes from Wolf Pond Boarding School for Bad Kids and White Garden Juvenile Detention Centre. He is typically shown to lead his friends and appears to be quite intelligent.

He has however made mistakes before such as crashing the van in episode 15 and causing alarm during the white garden escape in episode 19